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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pentecost, and this week's sewing accomplishments

I'm not a mother so I don't get all worked up over Mother's Day. This year it coincided with Pentecost. DH acknowledged the former but emphasized the latter, using Acts 2 as his preaching text. (We also observed, privately, that the sentiment "God could not be everywhere so He created mothers" is inaccurate, bordering on the blasphemous: God can be anywhere God wants to be. God IS omnipresent.)

My lawnmower is still at the shop awaiting its annual tuneup. (Every March I remind myself to take it in early, and every April I eventually do.) Meanwhile the grass is getting high, more so because I fertilized it last week. But without the mower and in this chilly, blustery weather, I've done more sewing!

(I don't know how these got lined up this way. If I try to move them I will surely lose them.)
(1) Seven 5-1/2" basket blocks (two are reversed). These were presented at the
annual staff anniversary reception last week. The pocket on the back held a cash card (which we give rather than a plaque or a crystal bowl).
(2) Summer tote bag, adapting the "Newport" tote by Lazy Girl.
(3) "Nine Patch Cross," using 125 of the 3" 9- patches from the BlockSwappers . Both the cheddar/red-brown print for the setting and the larger cheddar/brown border fabric came from my stash. It's 56 x 56.

48 of these 4" bowtie blocks came from a SewManySwaps exchange. I made more blocks (they are soooo cute and so easy!) to create this 44 x 52 top. (I did this at the beginning of last week but didn't photograph it until today.)

....And I did NOT buy any fabric this weekend!

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  1. ooo, I love that crossed 9-patch quilt (or whatever you called it). Hopefully you'll bring it next month to guild? I"m not going to be at Julies this month - I"ll be at my mom's.


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