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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Therapeutic value of quilting

QuiltDivaJulie mentions this on her blog:

I can recollect two very distinct "ah-ha" moments when I realized
what the act of sewing did for my peace of mind/psyche. I say
"sewing" rather than "quilting" because the first was in 1973, before
I was a quilter. I was sewing a skirt (pink poly doubleknit....hey, it
was the 70's!) and I had a sudden feeling of "I really, really like doing
this." The second was President's Day, 1994 -- I know the date
because it was a holiday. We had moved to North Dakota just weeks
before, living in rental properties (DH in Bismarck, I in Fargo), and
I just felt unsettled. The second bedroom of the little rent house was
devoted to storage and sewing. I needed curtains for one room but
didn't want to spend any money on them, so I cut up an old bed sheet.
As I sewed a feeling of centered-ness came over me.

Of course there are times when sewing is just frustrating--the pieces
don't fit together properly, a garment sleeve doesn't set in evenly,
or the buttonholer stitches one side short and the other long--but on
the whole, sitting at the machine and attaching one piece of
fabric to another to create an entire new assemblage is a wonderful


  1. I agree with you. If I'm cranky my husband says to me better go to your sewing room and quilt something!

  2. WOW! What happened to your font size! I'm too old to read this tiny stuff. Since you also go on Elderhostels. . . .don't you wear glasses? Some of the time?

    Nevertheless, I agree with you, as far as I can read!

  3. Sara, I changed the font to "small." Hope it's more legible now.

    Nann (eyeglass wearer since second grade)


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