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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Final Piecing for 2007 and The Annual Reckoning

I finished "Quad 9 Patch" on December 31. The blocks are from the BlockSwappers exchange. The size (72 x 81) was determined by the amount of sashing fabric I had. There was no rhyme or reason to the arrangement of the 9 patches.
And now, for the Annual Reckoning:

I began keeping track of fabric bought/fabric used in January, 1998. By then I had been a serious quilter for four years and had a considerable stash underway (fueled by 25 years of garment sewing). At the beginning of each year since I have been brave enough to post the results to the supportive and appreciative audiences in my online quilting groups. This year I’m being braver (or more foolish) by posting the results on the blog, where just about anyone can see them.

In 2007 two quilting friends and I bought a quilter’s estate. My share was 1400+ yards for which I paid $650.00. In addition I bought 318 yards for $1,252. Total: 1718 yards, $1902, avg. price $1.11 yd.

I used 335 yards. Here's what I accomplished:
I completed 41 quilts. (Some of them had been started prior to 2007.) Of those, 12 were gifts, 9 were donations, and 4 were sold (for $430!).
I completed 8 tops which are not yet quilted.
I made and donated 100 tote bags to Care Bags for Kids. I made 200 HeartStrings blocks. I completed 2 24-block quilts and 3 24-block tops, and sent the rest to the HS coordinator. I made 44 coasters and 15 pillowcases. (6 of the latter were a commission —I got paid to make them!)
I remembered how to sew with a 5/8" seam and made a blouse, a dress, a pair of slacks, 2 jackets, and a tote ag for myself. I emptied 83 spools of thread.

Here’s to a wonderful, fiber-filled 2008!


  1. I can't believe you keep track of all that - and still get a ton done! I LOVE your latest 9 patch quilt! Oh and I really, really, really enjoyed the carmel corn - I kept it all to myself!

  2. WOW Nann!! I think it was your posts on Stashbusters that prompted me into keeping track of purchases v fabric used in projects. Just finished my second year of keeping track!
    The number of quilt you have made is very impressive. If I could get hold of fabric for just over £1 per yard, I would have purchased much more too!
    Good luck with your UFO goal in 2008 :)

  3. Hi Nann,
    admired your annual reckoning every year at R.C.T.Q, now I've bookmarked your blog
    Heidi from Germany

  4. Wow, impressive. And I like your latest 9-patch quilt as well.

  5. Got your link from Dawn. I'm glad I stopped in.

    This 9 patch is incredibly fun.

    I'm inspired that you kept track of everything spent and created.

    Very neat!


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