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Friday, December 7, 2007

Stashbuilding for a good cause

We are starting a Boys & Girls Club in our community. (I say "we"
because I have gotten myself on the board. We really, really
need a safe, supervised, positive place for kids to go after school.
(We welcome kids @ the library but when they get bored they
get restless, and then they misbehave.) We have to raise
$100,000 in order to open the doors.

Last evening the Chamber of Commerce had a fundraising event
for the BGC: CommuniTies. Everyone who attended paid $5 at
the door and got a necktie.There were tie-related games:
ugly tie contest; a team effort to come upwith ways to use a used tie
(our team had 36--from belt, dog leash, and noose to g-string, jock strap,
and Boys & Girls Club fundraiser); and a novelty tie auction
(the Chicago Bears tie went for $400).

I said I would buy all the ties no one wanted to take home.
That turned out to be almost all of them (some were hideous!)
I got about 25 silk ties and have boxed about 50 polyester, etc.,
to give to Salvation Army.I'm happy to give (again) to this good

BTW, I wore my necktie patchwork jacket.

And, with my Rotary president's hat on, I was pleased
to present a check for$10,000 as our club's contribution.


  1. Nann: How about a photos of your necktie jacket?

  2. You are so busy! I thought you just take those ugly ties and make a quilt!

  3. nann, welcome to blogland!

    cityquilter grace


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