Blocks in search of settings

These descriptions may make little sense to the reader, but I know what each set looks like.  By listing them I am reminding myself to come up with ways to use them (and then do just that).

Pencil box blocks -- NLCQG BOM 2015 used for Care Bags 2/2016
6" Ohio Stars (bright on white)
4  16" blocks from Barn Dance mystery circa 2006  given away at Orphan Adoption 2016
4  paper-pieced batik Pine Burr used 2 to make tote bags 2/2016
10 9 Magpie birthday blocks -- 2008
25  Apple blocks -- Block Swappers 2009
many 6" posy blocks -- Block Swappers 2012   Given away at Orphan Adoption 2017
37 vintage Lemoyne Stars (handpieced) -- NLCQG Rafflemania 2013


  1. What a great idea to list those miscellaneous blocks. I have three drawers full of them, not counting the 3 ft stack of baseball squares. I think I'll try this idea myself.

    Nancie R.

  2. You are so organized Nann. The Librarian in you, I am sure. I haven't been organized on paper since 1980's. Now most everything is still in my head, and I know where most things are. BUT, I am getting more things accomplished this year by having monthly UFO challenges with another online group. You are a Great inspiration to many!


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